Permanent Absentee Ballots

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On January 1, 2013 “An Act Concerning Permanent Absentee Ballot Status for the Permanently Disabled” was enacted. This bill allows an elector who is permanently disabled to receive an absentee ballot for each election, primary and referendum in which they are eligible to vote. This means that the elector does not have to file for an application for an absentee ballot for each event. An elector must file an absentee ballot application together with a doctor’s certificate stating that they have a permanent disability and are unable to appear in person at their polling place. The town clerk can then send out absentee ballots throughout the year for each event for which they would be eligible to vote. Each January the registrars of voters will send out a notice to determine the elector’s permanent absentee ballot status. If you have any questions about whether you might be eligible call our town clerk, Cheryl Grist at 860 974 0343, or us for more information.