Presidential Election 2016

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We would like to thank the poll workers for the November 8 Federal Election : Walter Hinchman, our moderator;  Carolyn Hopkins and John Folsom, assistant registrars and absentee counters;  Sue Jackson and Susan Boland, official checkers;   Kathy Casey and Linda Goodwin, ballot clerks;  Nora Robbins, tabulator tender as well as Denise Baum and Kevin Johnston , absentee ballot counters. Martha Paquette and Maureen Lane kept the Election Day Registration at Pomfret Town Hall running smoothly. Everyone’s hard work, with such long hours, helped to make the election run smoothly. We also appreciated the use of the Pomfret Community School as well as the help of Gary Brock and his staff for this election. Special thanks goes to Terry Jackson who as constable helped monitor safety issues.  We’d especially like to thank Sherry Grist and Staci Hattin at Town Hall for their hard work and assistance throughout the whole election process.

The results of the election:

President:                                         Clinton/Kaine                                  1,084(D)  

                                                          Trump/Pence                                 1,014(R)

                                                          Johnson/Weld                                     94(L)

                                                          Stein/Baraka                                        33(G)

US Senate:                                        Richard Blumenthal                        1,173(D)  122(WF) = 1,295

                                                           Dan Carter                                        859(R)

                                                           Richard Lion                                       32(L)   

                                                           Jeffery Russell                                     27 (G)                               

US Representative:                            Joe Courtney                                1,238(D)  152(WF) = 1,390

                                                           Daria Novak                                    761(R)

                                                           Danielle Reale                                   29(L)

                                                           Jonathan Pelto                                   24(G)

State Senator:                                    Arlene Avery                                    820(D)  96 (WF) = 916

                                                          Tony Guglielmo                               1,264(R)

State Representative:                         Pat Boyd                                         1,187(D)  144(WF) = 1,331

                                                            Nora Valentine                               867(R)

Registrar of Voters:                              Susan Devokaitis                             1,207(D)

                                                            Martha Emilio                                    563(PC)


On Tuesday we had a record turn- out at the polls of 90%. We have 2,760 registered voters and 2,502 voted. We also had 54 people who were unregistered voters who were able to use  Election Day Registration who are now registered and were able to cast their ballot.

We would like to thank everyone who voted for us! Our main responsibility as registrars is to ensure the voting rights of our citizens and administer all elections based on current election laws. Although we are elected officials, politics does not have any place in our office. We strive to ensure fair and equitable implementation of all laws. Thank you again for your votes of confidence!