What types of property are subject to local property taxes?

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  1. Motor Vehicle: All motor vehicles registered with the CT DMV as of the previous October 1. Motor vehicles purchased between October 1 and July 31 will receive a bill in January pro-rated to the time it was purchased. If you no longer possess the motor vehicle being taxed, please contact the Assessor’s Office at 860-974-1674. Do not ignore the bill. Even if your motor vehicle has been sold, salvaged, wrecked, or stolen and the plates have been turned into the DMV, if the paperwork does not go through to the Assessor’s Office, it is still your responsibility to notify that office. You may receive a credit and you have a limited time to act. Please do this during the month of July. If you have moved to a different town in Connecticut, please make sure your motor vehicle registrations are changed at DMV to your current address in order to make sure that the correct town receives the information.
  2. Real Estate: All real property listed on the current grand list. If the bill you receive is for real estate which you no longer own, please return the tax bill to the Tax Collector as soon as possible with the name and address of the new owner. If your mortgage lender requests and pays your real estate tax bill, the bill is sent directly to them from the Tax Office. If you receive your real estate bill and it belongs at the bank, please forward the bill to them for payment and notify our office that you have done so.
  3. Personal Property: Includes equipment owned by industry including agricultural, commercial furniture and fixtures, unregistered motor vehicles, campers, and out-of-state registered vehicles domiciled in Pomfret. Please contact the Assessor’s Office at 860-974-1674 with questions regarding your personal property bill.