Board of Education

The Board of Education meets monthly, typically on the last Wednesday of the month in the Pomfret Community School Library at 6:30 PM.

For a complete list of meetings, meeting minutes, and other Board news items, please visit the Board of Education website HERE.

Citizen feedback is welcome, please click here to send us your comment.

Board Members

Name Title
Kathleen Cerrone Chairman (11/17/15 – 11/19/19)
Sara I. DiIorio Member (11/7/17-11/19/19)
Genia Dunning Member (11/17/15 - 11/19/19)
Valerie May Member (11/21/17-11/16/21)
Whitney Bundy Member (11/21/17-11/16/21)
Leigh Grossman Member (11/21/17-11/16/21)
Brent Tuttle Member (11/21/17-11/16/21)