Board of Finance

The function of the Pomfret Board of Finance is to consider and maintain the overall financial condition of the town, assuring the maximum value in services and reasonable taxation of its citizens. The Board of Finance accomplishes this function by the following means:

  • Reccommending the annual town budget
  • Setting the property tax rate
  • Periodically reviewing the performance against the budget
  • Approving special appropriation transfers.
  • Establishing how town financial records are kept and reviewed
  • Providing an annual audit of town accounts
  • Publishing an annual town report

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Board Members

Name Title
Margie B. Huoppi Chairman (11/19/2013 - 11/19/19)
Carolyn Gerrity Member (11/17/2015-11/16/2021)
Michael E. Baum Member (11/19/2013-11/19/2019)
Debi Thompson Member (11/21/2017-11/21/2023)
Dayna Flath Member (11/21/2017-11/21/2023)
Jennifer York Member (3/1/2018-11/19/2019)