American Rescue Plan Act Funds for Pomfret

Informational Meeting, Monday, January 24, 7PM, Pomfret Community School Cafe, 207 Mashamoquet Road

The Town of Pomfret will receive $1,243,880.29

in American Rescue Plan ACT (ARPA) funds.  


There will be an Informational Meeting on

Monday, January 24 in the PCS cafeteria at 7 PM

to review and discuss the funds and potential projects.

     The $1.2 million ARPA funds coming to the Town will be reviewed and discussed along with restrictions, guidelines, and potential projects. Covid recovery funds  ($300,000) going to Pomfret Community School will be presented with information on limitations, and possible expenditures of those funds. 

      The use of ARPA funds is subject to strict guidelines outlined in the Interim Final Rule issued by the Department of the Treasury. Pomfret has established an ARPA Advisory Committee that has been meeting, discussing, reviewing, and proposing projects for several months. The committee includes representation from the BOS, BOF, EPDC, Emergency Management, DPW, TEEG, PCS, Pomfret Proprietors, and the public at large. The list of proposed expenditures being compiled will focus on responding to the challenges of a pandemic and position our community to be more resilient in the future.

     First Selectman Maureen Nicholson has spent the past several months working with the ARPA Advisory Committee, COST, CCM, OPM, the Town’s Auditors, and NECCOG and other area town’s first selectmen gathering information on how the program works, a better definition on what funds can be used for, a funding application process for projects, the reporting process for tracking funds, and how to best serve our community with the ARPA funds.

Rules of Interim Final Rule:

  • Support public health response to contain and mitigate the spread of Covid
  • Address negative economic impacts (assistance to households, small and non-profit businesses, and aid to impacted industries such as tourism, travel and hospitality through grants and loans)
  • Replace loss of revenue. (Once a shortfall in revenue is identified by the ‘Lost Revenue Calculation’ local governments have a broad latitude to use lost revenue funds to support government services)
  • Making needed investments in water, sewer, or broadband infrastructure
  • Funding may be transferred to special-purpose units (fire, water, sewer)

The Interim Final Rule also states:

“Treasury urges State, territorial, Tribal, and local governments to engage their constituents and communities in developing plans to use these payments, given the scale of funding and its potential to catalyze broader economic recovery and rebuilding.”

Each potential project should include:

  • Reference to the eligibility as described in The Interim Final Rule
  • A summary of the potential project
  • Estimated costs
  • An estimate of households or individuals impacted by the project, wherever possible
  • A summary of the Pros and Cons for each project

    Eventually, the Advisory Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen after fielding input from the public. Prior to making recommendations, they will offer an online survey from the Town’s website to help proritize potential projects. 

    The ARPA funds provided to municipalities is an unprecedented opportunity for every city and town in the United States to pursue public health, community revitalization, economic development, and infrastructure improvements that would otherwise be out of reach. Nonetheless, the Treasury Department guidelines make it clear that the funds are not a “blank check” for municipal wish-list projects.

If you have questions, please contact First Selectman Maureen Nicholson at or 860-974-0191.