Important Dates

Election Day 11/08/2016

Important dates to keep in mind in order to vote for the Tuesday, November 8, 2016

** October 7, 2016: Absentee ballots are available at Town Hall from the Town Clerk.

** Tuesday, November 1, 2016: The deadline for registering by mail, on line and in person.  Applications must be received or post-marked by this date in order to be accepted for the November 8th election.

**Tuesday, November 1, 2016: We will hold a mandated seventh day before Election Day registration session before the November 4th election. We will be conducting office hours between 9:00AM and 8:00PM. Applicants must appear in-person to register.

** Monday, November 7 from 9:00AM until 5:00 PM: We will hold a limited special registration session for those seeking to vote in the election whose qualifications as to age, citizenship or residence was attained since November 1st.

**Tuesday, November 8:  Election Day Registration “EDR” will take place at Pomfret Town Hall ( 5 Haven Road, Pomfret Center) from 6:00AM until 8:00PM. This change to election law was enacted by the General Assembly in Connecticut Public Act 12-56 “An Act Concerning Voting Rights”. This act allows eligible people to register to vote in person and cast a ballot on Election Day if he or she meets eligibility requirements for voting and is either (1) not already an elector or (2)is registered in one municipality but wants to change his or her registration because he or she currently in lives in another municipality. A person is eligible to register and vote if he or she is a U.S. citizen, age 18 years or older, and a bona fide resident of the municipality which he or she applies for admission as an elector.

** Tuesday, November 8:  POLLING will take place at the Pomfret Community School from 6:AM - 8:00PM.

Exercise your right to vote!