Birth Certificates Additional Information


Those eligible to have access to, to examine, or obtain copies of birth certificates or birth records:

  • The person whose birth is on record, if over eighteen (18) years of age
  • Such person’s children, grandchildren, spouse, civil union partner, parent*, guardian, or grandparent (*Note: A father has access only if he is recorded on the child’s birth certificate)
  • Chief Executive Officer (or authorized agent) of the municipality where the birth occurred
  • Local Director of Health (or authorized agent) for the town or city where the birth occurred or where the mother was a resident of at the time of the birth
  • Attorneys-At-Law and title examiners representing such person or such person’s parent, guardian, child or surviving spouses
  • Members of genealogical societies incorporated or authorized by the secretary of the state to do business or conduct affairs in this state
  • Agents of the a state or federal agency as approved by the Department of Public Health
  • Researchers approved by the Department of Public Health pursuant to CT State Statutes section 19a-25 

Any eligible party requesting a copy of a birth certificate shall provide verification of the relationship entitling them to a copy of the birth certificate.  ADDITIONALLY, the requester must submit the following documentation:

  • A government issued photographic identification;
  • OR if a photo ID is not available, at least two of the following documents:
    • An original social security card
    • Written verification of identity from employer
    • Automobile registration
    • Copy of utility bill showing name and address
    • Checking account deposit slip showing name and address
    • Voter registration card

Other forms or information regarding birth certificates in the State of Connecticut may be found at the following link: Dept. of Public Health-Vital Records.