Justices of the Peace

 Justices of the Peace may join persons in marriage and may notarize documents. 

Justices of the Peace in Connecticut are municipal officials elected or appointed in their town of residence for a term of four years. Pomfret Democratic and republican Town committees appoint our Justices of the Peace. Each municipality has a limited number of appointments based on the number of voters and other factors.

The office of Justice of the Peace originated in England and was brought to this country by the early colonists.

The authority of each Justice of the Peace extends throughout the State of Connecticut and is limited to certain grants of authority enumerated by state statute.

Justices of the Peace:

1. Have general oath giving powers (C.G.S. §1-24),
2. May take acknowledgements (C.G.S. §1-29),
3. May join persons in marriage (C.G.S. §46b-22), and
4. May take depositions (C.G.S. §52-148c).

List of Justices of the Peace