Overview of the Budget Process

The Town of Pomfret typically follows these general guidelines in determining the budget that is presented each year at our Annual Town Meeting.  Every effort is made to provide numerous opportunities for public input throughout the budget process.

On or AboutAction
MarchBoard of Selectmen and Board of Education present their recommended budgets to the Board of Finance.  All meetings of the boards are open to the public.
Mid-MarchThe Board of Finance holds an informational meeting on the budgets submitted by the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Education.  The Board of Finance asks for your input before the Board takes any action on the budgets.
April - MayThe Board of Finance then has meetings and workshops on the budget to prepare for the Public Hearing.  The Public Hearing is held on the updated budgets where the public again provides input.  At the end of the hearing the Board of Finance takes action and finalizes their recommendations on the budget.

The Annual Town Meeting is scheduled where final budgets are presented to the public.  These budgets are then called to a final vote or the meeting is adjourned to a referendum.

The Board of Finance sets the mil rate for the coming budget year immediately following the Annual Town Meeting.

Exact dates vary year to year.  Regular meeting schedules are determined in January of each year and are posted on-line and at the Pomfret Town Hall.  Workshops, the Public Hearing, Special Meetings, and the Annual Town Meeting are posted on-line and at the Pomfret Town Hall at the office of the Pomfret Town Clerk, 5 Haven Road, Pomfret Center.