Recycling Guide and Information

Recycling continues to create challenges as revenues decrease and costs rise.  You can make a positive difference by knowing what can and cannot be recycled.  Remember - all household recyclables should be clean!!

Recylables INCLUDE: Flattened cardboard, plastic containers, aluminum foil, metal can, milk and juice cartons, food-grade aerosol cans, newspaper, sheet paper, junk mail, books, paper-board (cereal boxes, etc.), glass jars and bottles.

Recyclables DO NOT INCLUDE: Styrofoam (take-out containers and cups, packing materials), Plastic bags (return these to any retailer or food store that uses them. Consider switching to reusable bags), shredded papers, batteries, bubble wrap, plastic film of any kind, dringking straws, gift wrap, tissue paper, garden hoses.

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Your private curbside hauler determines where your trash and recycling is diposed of.  

Most of the trash collected in our area is taken to one of Connecticut's trash incinerators.  One-third of CT trash is burned at the Hartford plant and turned into electricity.  The Hartford plant runs on equipment dating to the 1950's and is soon slated to receive over $200 million in upgrades.  Once those upgrades are completed, the plant will recycle 40% of the trash now being incinerated.