Economic Planning & Development Commission

The Mission of the Pomfret Economic Planning & Development Commission is to foster economic growth for the Town which will enhance employment opportunities, broaden the tax base and maintain the rural New England character of the town we call home.

All meetings are open to the public.  We welcome your input!

Board Members

Name Title
Charles E. Tracy Chairman (D) 05/01/23-05/01/25
Mary Collins Vice-Chairman (D) 05/01/23 - 05/01/25
Katie Pitts Member (U) 1/1/24-1/1/27
Barry Reingold Member (D) 1/1/24-1/1/27
Louisa Jones Member (U) 1/1/24 - 1/1/27
Walter Hinchman Alternate (U) 1/1/24 - 01/01/27
John Folsom Alternate (D) 1/1/24-1/1/26
Ashley Danenhower Alternate (U) 1/17/23-1/1/26