Probate Court

As a result of the January 5, 2011 probate court consolidation Pomfret is part of the Northeast Regional Probate Court, one of the 54 probate districts in Connecticut. The other towns in the district are Thompson, Putnam, Woodstock and Brooklyn. Since 1850, the voters of the town or towns comprising each respective probate district have elected probate judges. Judges are elected to four-year terms. Judge Gabrielle Labonte is the judge of the Northeast Regional District.

The jurisdiction of Connecticut Probate Courts encompasses a wide variety of matters, including the admission of wills to Probate, the supervision of decedents estates and trusts, conservatorships, changes of name, adoptions and terminations of parental rights, matters involving guardianships and temporary custody rights.

Most Probate Hearings are informal and offer participants an opportunity to be heard, seek additional information and resolve differences.

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