Board of Selectmen

Board of Selectmen

Election law provides that the successful candidate for First Selectman and the two Selectmen candidates who received the most votes shall serve as a three-member Board for a term of two years. Pomfret's Board of Selectmen meets on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m., and on the third Monday of the month at 8:00 a.m. at the Pomfret Senior / Community Center and welcomes input from residents. The members are First Selectman Maureen Nicholson (D), Selectman Patrick McCarthy (D), and Selectman Ellsworth Chase (R). Vacancies are filled by a majority vote of remaining members for the unexpired portion of their term.

Our Board of Selectmen carries out the acts, policies, and ordinances of the Town Meeting and "superintend the concerns of the Town, adjust and settle all claims against the Town, and draw orders on the Treasurer for their payment." The Board of Selectmen understands that the decisions made today have a lasting impact on tomorrow. Therefore, each decision that impacts the community is carefully considered. The Selectmen, town staff, and various commissions, boards and committees are working diligently to enhance the quality of life for our residents and future generations.

The Selectmen’s Office acts in support of the First Selectman and the Board of Selectmen in the administrative work of the town.  The Executive Secretary for the Board of Selectmen’s administrative work includes permitting of driveways, raffles, and pistol permits, scheduling use and rentals of town buildings, assistance in preparing budgets, seeking and managing grants, advertising and managing bids and proposals, working as a liaison to other town officials and departments, and human resources. 

Town Meeting Form of Government

The Town of Pomfret is governed by the Town Meeting -- Board of Selectmen structure. The spending agencies submit their budget requests to the Selectmen who then bring a budget proposal first to the Board of Finance and then to the Town Meeting. The Board of Finance sets the mill rate.

The education budget is controlled by the Pomfret Community School Board of Education, which includes elected representatives from town. The Town of Pomfret does not operate under its own charter. We conduct our business in accordance with Connecticut State Statute Law.

The Pomfret Fire District is a separate taxing authority from the Town of Pomfret.  

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Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Bonnie Ryan (860) 974-0191

Board Members

Name Title
Maureen A. Nicholson First Selectman 11/18/2019
Patrick R. McCarthy Selectman 11/18/2019
Ellsworth E. Chase Jr. Selectman 11/18/2019