The Northeastern Connecticut Transit District is the public transportation provider for Pomfret residents.

The District provides two types of service:

  • Deviated Fixed Route - The deviated fixed route service operates Monday - Sunday with various scheduled stops located throughout the service area. 
  • Dial-A-Ride for Elderly and Disabled Persons:  The elderly and disabled service, which provides door-to-door service, is also available seven days per week by reservation with NECTD.

Deviated Fixed Route Service

With this type of service, a bus stops at fixed points and keeps to a timetable but can deviate its course between two stops to go to a specific location for a pre-scheduled request. After deviating from the route, buses return to the same point to continue their run. Deviated Fixed Route service requires twenty-four hours advance reservations. However, drivers may deviate when their schedules permit, as long as they remain close to their route schedule. Due to the limited availability, please do not anticipate this service will be available at all times and during all trips.

To schedule a deviation, please call our dispatcher at 860-774-3902. It is best to schedule a deviation one or more days in advance, up to a maximum of 7 days. Deviations are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis, with priority given to the elderly or disabled.

Elderly-Disabled Direct Service

With a special grant (Municipal Grant Program) from the State of Connecticut, NECTD provides door-to-door service for pre-qualified elderly and disabled persons. This service requires a simple application and twenty-four hour advanced reservation Monday-Friday and no later than Friday before Sunday or Monday service.