Agricultural Commission

The Pomfret Agriculture Commission is established by ordinance to represent the farming community, encourage the pursuit of agriculture, promote agricultural based economic opportunities, and preserve, revitalize, and sustain the community’s agricultural businesses and lands.  The Agriculture Commission is an advisory board to the Board of Selectmen and other Town officials with no regulatory power.

Farmers have multiple interests in a community.  They are simultaneously businesses, taxpayers, landowners, and residents concerned about the economic, environmental, and fiscal well being of their community.  An Agriculture Commission is the voice of farmers in a town, allowing farmers to have input into town policies that impact local agriculture and to help develop initiatives that will keep farming viable in the community.  This Commission helps to ensure that agriculture has a balanced fit in Pomfret.

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Board Members

Name Title
James Rowley Member (U) 6/1/23-6/1/26
Adam Squire Chairman (D) 6/1/20-6/1/24
Alex Noel Vice-Chair (U) 5/1/23-5/1/25
Valerie Champany Member (U) 3/6/23-5/1/25
Vacant Seat Alternate 1-year term
Ron Dildine Secretary (D) 3/6/23-5/1/25
Vacant Seat Alternate () 5/20/19-5/1/22