Land Records-Information Regarding Recording & Searching

The Town of Pomfret Land Records date back to 1684 when the Massamugget Purchase (also known as Mashamoquet), inhabited by the native Webaquasets, was bought by Major James Fitch from Chief Owaneco and his eldest son, Josiah. A deed was signed on May 30, 1686 which has been restored and kept safely in the vault in the Pomfret Town Clerk’s Office.  The Town was incorporated by the Colonial Assembly in May of 1713.

The Town has all its original land records and indexes dating back to 1686 with the twelve original proprietors.  The land records have been indexed back to 1852 on a computer data base system with the document images available back to 1984.  The land records are now available on line.

The land record maps of surveys, subdivision and re-subdivisions are also available in the Town Clerk’s Office.  The maps can be copied on our plot copier in their original size or by sections on our regular photocopier.  The most convenient way to access surveys, subdivisions and re-subdivisions is through the Public Access computer in the Assessor's Office.

The land records are available for searching during all regular hours of the Town Clerk’s Office.  The Town Clerk’s Office does not perform title searches.  Documents may be submitted for recording during all regular hours; however, we ask that you courteously arrive ten to fifteen minutes before closing in order for our office to receive, validate and issue a receipt for your documents. 

All transfers of real estate properties or interest therein must be submitted with a State of Connecticut, Department of Revenue Services, OP-236 Real Estate Conveyance Tax Return, a local Real Estate Conveyance Tax Statement, and check(s) for the appropriate conveyance fees for the documents to be received for recording, unless the transaction is exempt.  An original OP-236 Real Estate Conveyance Tax Return form must be acquired from the State Department of Revenue Services or from the Town Clerk’s Office.  A copy is not acceptable.  The local conveyance taxes are calculated at .0025 times the sale price. The State of Connecticut conveyance taxes are calculated by filling in the “Computation of Tax” schedule on the OP-236 form.